Open hours

Cardiff Media Loans | Benthyciadau Cyfryngau:

MA Shooting Window | Ffenestr Saethu -

July 10 - Aug 18 | Gorffennaf 10 - Awst 18

10:00-13:00 Mon-Fri | Llun-Gwener.


Photography, Music and Drama loans will use the same opening hours. Bydd benthyciadau Ffotograffiaeth, Cerddoriaeth a Drama yn defnyddio'r un oriau agor.


Benthyciadau Offer Bioleg a Gwyddorau Daear | Biology and Earth Sciences Kit loans: 

09:30 - 16:30 Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday | Llun, Mawrth, Iau a Gwener.

09:30-11:30 Wednesday | Mercher



Contact us

Cardiff FCI Technical Support | Cefnogaeth Dechnegol Caerdydd:

[email protected]

Cardiff Advice | Cyngor Caerydydd: [email protected]

Treforest Advice | Cyngor Treforest: [email protected]

Glyntaff Advice | Cyngor Glyntaf: [email protected]

Phone | ffôn: 0345 576 0101 

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Media Loans will be closed from 1st June at 5pm. The calendar will open again between July and August for the MA shooting window. Any other bookings will need to be discussed with the tech team and your lecturer, case-by-case basis, and should be university related only (resits, project prep etc).